Eye Massagers (3)
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  • iGalaxy Eye Massager
    iGalaxy Eye Massager
    iGalaxy Eye Massager
    AED 619.00AED 899.00

    Wireless and Rechargeable Foldable, Eye Massager Patent product with new modern design. Bluetooth and music playback modes. Four multiple massage functions can be selected with air pressure and vibration and heating. Elastic belt that easily...

  • iSee4 Eye Massager - White
    iSee4 Eye Massager - White
    iSee4 Eye Massager - White
    AED 820.00AED 950.00

    Extremely comfortable item Easy to handle Comes with a built-in music player with pre-recorded nature sounds 180° foldable to aid in the portability and storage Can massage your eyes with 3 different massage modes Designed...

  • Ivizz Eye Massager Foldable
    Ivizz Eye Massager Foldable
    Ivizz Eye Massager Foldable
    AED 659.00AED 749.00

    Relieves eye strain and fatigue. Improves blood circulation around the eyes. Reduces puffiness and dark circles. Promotes relaxation and stress relief.