iRest A300 Intelligent Massage Chair

AED 5,500.00AED 6,111.00

Based on bio mechanics, ergonomics and model physical therapy, aim to human skeletal characteristics, combine with zero power, longer curved rail massage, modern physics stretch point , total with 20 air bags and 1 air pump. It will bring you supreme massage experience when you at home. Keep health and activity everyday.

Color: Black
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  • Designed with a set of vertically movable, four wheel driven muted intelligent massage hands.
  • There are five kinds of simulated massage techniques: shiatsu, kneading, tapping, knocking, kneading and tapping.
  • Set with six kinds of characterized auto massage function: comfort, ease, full body, neck& shoulder, back & waist massage, stretch.
  • It has the upper body manual massage function (area, fixed point, full back, neck shoulder, back waist, five massage parts selection, each massage technique speed can be adjusted in three steps.
  • In the fixed point and partial module state, the massage ball can move up and down to adjust the massage point accurately.
  • In the state of tapping, shiatsu and knocking massage, the width between the two kneading balls is adjustable with three levels: wide, medium and narrow.
  • Air pressure massage function with three modes: Full body air pressure, arms air pressure, leg air pressure, with 3 intensity adjustable.
  • With sole roller massage function ·The footrest can be extended to suit different leg lengths.
  • The motor drives the footrest and the backrest synchronically and lay down automatically two regulatory functions.
  • The backrest of the massage chair should be kept at least 275 mm away from the wall.
  • Natural magnet is placed at the heel of the heel.
  • The SL-type backrest track fits the human body curve, and the backrest is in a zero-gravity state when lying down.
  • The chair will be reset when switch off. The massage hands will be restore as well

  • PILLOW PAD: Pillow pad Can Adjust Up And Down Freely
  • BACK: 113 Cm lntelligent Massage Hands
  • ARMREST:  Convenient storage box , put your mobile or remote control
  • HIP :  Detachable Seat Cushion
  • FOOT:  Magnetic Sole roller massage, The heel is fitted with a 300 CC permanent magnet,which stimulates the reflex points Of the hands and feet.

  • 4 pcs Arm airbag massage
  • 4 pcs Elbow airbag massage
  • 4 pcs Leg airbag massage
  • 8 pcs foot airbag massage
  • Total 20 pcs airbags for wholebody massage, air pressure intensity freely adjust, compaction, pause or relax mode for great feeling.


Using NASA technology, scientific design of massage position, release the pressure of wholebody, relax yourself.

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