Rotai A50 Royal Omega Smart Healthcare Massage Chair

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A50 is a new massage chair product launched by Rotai Health, a veteran massage chair company in China for 25 Years. As an old domestic brand, Rotai has become a giant in the massage chair industry step by step. The overall reputation of the brand is quite stable, and its sales volume is gratifying and has been recognized by the market.

Color: Grey
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  • Anti-Pinch Safety System
  • 3D Rollers with Silicon Heads
  • Full Body Airbags
  • PU Leather Material
  • Innovative 6-segment track
  • 18 Automatic Massage Programs
  • 5 Massage Speed Levels
  • 5 Levels of Airbags Intensity
  • 36 Airbags surrounded
  • Heat Therapy for Waist & Calf
  • Intelligent Voice Control
  • Auto Full Body Scanning
  • Ear Wrap Stereo Sound

The intelligent anti-pinch design is one of the features of the Rotai A50.

As a household item, massage chairs must ensure the safety of users, children and pets. In the process of using the massage chair, in order to achieve better comfort and fit of the human body, there are many angles and lengths that can be adjusted. These adjustments are powered by electric power, and many operations are centralized. .

At the same time, in terms of safety, the Rongtai A50 does not reduce the user experience when the massage chair massages the human body, but also installs an intelligent anti-pinch design to avoid collisions and injuries to infants and pets when the massage chair is running.


The appearance design of the product can give people the most intuitive feeling. A50 gives people a beautiful feeling with its unique color matching fashionable apple green and light luxury rice grey. Apple green is an unusual color, green means health and life, can stabilize emotions, and make people feel relaxed and comfortable. Office workers are under a lot of pressure. They live in high-rise buildings and subways with reinforced concrete. Nervous emotions can easily bring about a sense of depression. Green can play a very good relaxing role. Just imagine, after a busy day of work that makes you highly nervous, your mind will be tense. After returning home, sitting on the apple green massage chair, you can get extremely satisfied physically and mentally. The beige-grey massage chair can be well integrated with home decoration without being obtrusive. Beige gray and leather materials present a light and luxurious texture, showing the taste.


The principle of the massage chair gas is to adjust the volume of the air bag by inflating and deflating it. In a fixed space, when the airbag is inflated, it will form pressure on the muscles of the arms, calves, waist and other parts to simulate the pressing massage of the hand. Airbags are used to supplement the places that cannot be massaged by the manipulator. In the concept of most people, the bigger the airbag, the better, the more the better, but it is not the case.

Massage procedures, techniques and skills

The massage function is the main function of the massage chair. Rotai's A50 is equipped with excellent movement, guide rails and smart chips, making it possible to set up exclusive programs for 6 different pain points. When users experience this massage chair, they perform different massage methods on 6 parts of the body according to the program, such as decompression for the shoulders, care for the waist, and relaxation for the legs, in addition to these three points There are also neck focus, back soothing, and hip relaxation, which truly achieves the key relaxation of various parts.


The movement is the core and an important part of massage chair technology. It integrates the mechanical massage arm and the kneading and beating motors so that the movement can freely run on the guide rail and massage the back and buttocks of the human body.

Rotai A50 is equipped with a crankshaft-type 3D intelligent soft-feeling movement. The intelligent chip acts as the brain of the massage chair to control other parts of the chair to perform massage movements. The telescopic motor realizes the three-dimensional movement state.

A silicone massage head is mounted on the movement. The silicone massage head has hardness and elasticity at the same time, and will not cause damage to the bones. Due to the use of 100% silicone material, it can be environmentally friendly, non-toxic and harmless, and there is no need to worry about the body being damaged. The elastic curved arm can take into account both elasticity and strength. Combined with the 3D movement, smart chip, and silicone massage head, it can achieve multi-dimensional delicate, and precise touch to the fascia tissue that causes body soreness, so as to achieve effective relaxation massage.

Guide rail

The rail is the skeleton of a massage chair. It supports the weight of the human body while providing movement with the running track of the walking massage. At present, the common types of guide rails for massage chairs are no guide rails, straight guide rails, L-type guide rails, and SL-type guide rails. No guide rail refers to the fixed-point positioning massage and kneading on the back. This kind of massage method without a guide rail is the earliest massage method and is still used in some massage chairs. The straight guide rail means that the massage head can massage up and down on the guide rail; the L-shaped guide rail lengthens the length of the rail, and the massage range is from the shoulders and neck to the buttocks, but its fit is very general.

SL guide rail is the most commonly used guide rail for massage chairs at present. On the basis of the L guide rail, the back massage changes from a straight line to an S shape, which is most suitable for the back of the human body and adapts to the S-shaped spine of the human body. Massage to 360 degrees without dead angle, so that every inch of skin and every acupoint of the body can enjoy the ultimate massage effect.

Rotai A50 is equipped with a 122cm SL type guide rail and adopts an innovative 6-segment guide rail. The guide rail of Rotai A50 is made of 35-220mm stainless steel with high quality, which can not only increase the overall stability of the massage chair but also prolong its service life of the massage chair. Rotai's innovative 6-segment guide rail is used on the basis of an SL-type guide rail, which can support the massage of the neck, shoulder, back, waist, hip, and thigh root. One-click access to the sore area to achieve precise massage, where you want to press where you want, so as to achieve whole-body relaxation.

Zero gravity

The zero gravity massage chair is designed by combining the principle of zero gravity and air pressure massage technology. The Rotai A50 has a dual-gear zero-gravity mode, and you can feel zero-gravity in both the half-lying mode and the full-lying mode. In these two modes, the center of gravity of the human body is placed on the hip fat, other body parts are not under pressure, and the heart of the body is higher than the knee position, forming a lying angle that is free from gravity. In this state, the user can achieve a complete relaxation state when lying flat, combined with massage, massage can achieve better results.

Optocoupler detection and control method

The optocoupler detection in the massage chair means that the users of the massage chair are different in height, shortness, fatness and thinness, so the massaged parts are also different during massage. The optocoupler detection function is to detect the user's height, fatness and thinness, and then automatically Adjust massage to different parts. Although the optocoupler detection function is very practical, there are not many brands that can install and use optocoupler detection on the massage chair in the current massage chair market. Rotai A50 supports optocoupler body shape detection, which can accurately locate different body shapes, make massage more suitable for body parts, and obtain a personal massage experience.

Different from the common hand controller to control the massage chair, the Rotai A50 has a touch screen with a wide viewing angle, which is simple and easy to operate, even for the elderly. In addition, Rotai A50 is also equipped with an intelligent voice control system. Simply calling: "Artai Artai" can enjoy the "close-to-body" service of the massage chair, eliminating the trouble of manual operation and improving the quality of life.

Leg and foot care

On the basis of supporting the airbag pressing of the legs and feet, the Rongtai A50 has the function of hot compress for the calf, foot scraping and two sets of massage disc rotating massage functions, which can speed up blood circulation, relieve muscle fatigue, and have better leg and foot massage functions.

The A50 is designed with a telescopic function on the calf, and the sole of the foot is separated. This design can not only fit the legs carefully, but also expand the height range of the applicable population, and expand the suitable height range to between 150cm and 200cm. . A new scraping function is added to the foot area, which can be combined with other functions to achieve massage effect and relieve the user's foot fatigue.


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